Ready to live, love and lead from the heart? 

Start right here.

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So grateful you’re here. 

I’m Denise Dare, your guide to support and nurture you as you come back to center, to your heart…

To Live, Love and Lead from that place of ease, peace, and kindness.

Throughout this magical virtual space, I share with you the practices and perspectives that have transformed the super critical, overachieving, constantly stressed, perfectionist version of me into a peace, love and yoga mama who lives more fully in the moment, who loves with an open heart, and who leads with deep appreciation and compassion for all that is.

You’re totally in the right place…

If you’re a visionary with an epic dream.

If you’ve got a message you want to share with the world.

if you’re ready for the next bold step on your journey.

If you’re wanting something richer and more meaningful in your life experience.


What I teach is what I’ve learned and integrated from…

 ♥ 6 years of developing and growing my biz

 ♥ 18 years of yoga study, practice and implementation

 ♥ 20 years of experience as a teacher, coach and mentor

 ♥ 21 years of ever deepening self reflection

 ♥ 29 years of writing both for myself and for my work in the world

Life experience has affirmed over and over again the power of kindness, peacemaking and love.

My intention is to hold space for you to love, trust and express yourself more fully…so you can live, love and lead from YOUR heart.

To learn to dance with the magic and experience the miracles in this life.

To joyfully journey on the path that feels just right for you.

To live your purpose with ease and grace.

To shine your light.

And love. Always love.


Thank you so much for being here.


Such a sweet synchronicity.

Come and play and explore with me…


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About Denise Dare

Denise’s passion is supporting overwhelmed and overworked women to release the fears and doubts that make living fro the heart feel hard, so they can reconnect with their inner guidance and experience life with more ease and grace.

She believes that self love is the foundation of true success…a life that feels aligned, abundant and magical!

At the heart of Denise’s vision is co~creating a world there work feels like play, health is wealth, and love comes first.

Denise is a home educating Cali mama, writer, mystic and thought leader, happily featured by Positively Positive, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal and other rad places on the inter webs.

When she’s not working with inspiring women, leading her Self Love Sisterhood community or homeschooling her two dreamy daughters, you can find Denise sky gazing on her balcony, practicing yoga on and off the mat, or walking barefoot on the beach.

Read more of her story HERE.



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