This is music to my ears.


Nature brings solace in all troubles by Anne Frank


I shared a beautiful afternoon with my two girls at the beach on New Year’s Day this year. We put our bare feet on the sand, danced and played, laughed and delighted in the brilliance of being alive together.

Feeling renewed and reconnected after our day at the beach, I realized how healing it is for me to be near the ocean. And so, I made a commitment to myself to put my bare feet on the sand and listen to the music of the waves crashing against the shore each week.

It’s been so powerful to honor this commitment to my well~being and to feel realigned as I connect with nature.

During one of my recent walks along Sunset Beach I recorded the sound of the waves breaking against the sand…this is music to my ears.

May this remind you of the exquisite beauty around you, of the power of nature, and of the absolute brilliance of just being. Alive. Vibrant. Here.

With so much love,



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