Receiving support. Making art. And what’s really holding us back.

It’s kind of amazing how much support I’ve been receiving this year.

Truly, I’m humbled and grateful.

When I joined the Mystics mastermind with Lindsay Pera in January, one of my wishes was to feel more supported.

And this year has shown me over and over again how completely supported I am.

Today is a brilliant example.

My girls went on an impromptu trip with my mama to the mountains in Idyllwild. {What perfect timing for them to be in a cooler place than this heat wave we’re experiencing in most of So Cal}.

With this unexpected time for me and oh so gracious support from my rad mama, I decided to complete a project that I started nearly five years ago.

This book idea came to me as something I wanted to gift my two girls. A guide from my heart to theirs about how to live a blissful life.

Over time, it’s transformed and shifted into something that I want to share with every woman.

My little work of art has become an offering of support, of guidance, and of love.

For Our Sisters: 108 Inspirations for Living Happy

{My title is still a work in progress…if you have a way with words, I’d love your insight and ideas!}

So with this time, I decided to sit down and complete the rough draft today.

I got started and about half way in to the project, I felt my mind searching for other more pressing things to do…like dishes or laundry or checking my email.

That’s when I realized that the biggest challenge for me is not overcoming a lack of time {because the truth is that we always make time for the things that really matter}…the obstacle I had to overcome was facing my fear of making art, of creating, and of not being good enough.

When I realized I was feeling this resistance and fear, I got up and turned on one of my fave current songs…and danced. Hard. I shook my body like nobody was watching, in ways that felt good to me.

Ahh, what a relief movement and pleasure can be. Dancing just feels good and is an easy way to get out of our heads, our fears, and our worries.

After my dance break, I decided that I can always create a second edition {to ease that fear that I may not include every single thing that I need to say in this one}, that I can always write more books {to quell the fear that this might not be successful}, and that this is intended for women who want to feel inspired, to pick up a book and flip to a page for just the right words at just the right moment to remember just what they need to feel love {to address my fear that some people may not like or approve of what I’m writing}…

Once my fears were acknowledged, I sat down and wrote. And wrote. This time, by hand. I got out my markers and wrote each idea on its own note card {to make it easier for me to organize and just because I love the feel of the pen and the beauty of colors}.

And I finished my first draft!


What a sense of relief and accomplishment to face what feels like too much and eventually get through it with ease.

It’s all about staying aware of how we’re feeling, what’s really stopping us, and giving ourselves permission to create.

Reading this quote from Andy Warhol yesterday was a great inspiration to me to get more of my art out into the world… “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

We have to share what we create and let go of worrying about what other people will think about it. What matters is that we create. And share.

We each have something valuable and meaningful to share in this world…

So tell me, what are you dreaming of creating? And what’s holding you back from getting it done?

We are all in this together, my friends. Let us support and uplift one another.

With infinite love and deep appreciation,


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