The Practice of Presence

I felt for so long that I just had to get to the next thing…to get through this for the next step of the journey.

With school each year.

With babysitting.

With shaving my legs.

With wearing makeup.

With kissing a boy.

With driving a car.

With staying out late.

With drinking and partying.

With turning 21.

With graduating in four years.

With getting my own place.

With falling in love.

With getting married.

With everything…

I too often forgot to just be in the moment.

To fully and completely appreciate what was happening.

To experience the fullness of living right now.

I focused so often on trying to get through the stuff of life, that I forgot and failed sometimes to savor and  experience the moments that ARE life.

I figured one day I’d know how to be more present, when I was more patient, more aware, it would finally come naturally to me.

Like I’d reach a state of enlightenment and I would have accomplished what I needed…and be done.

Now I realize so completely that there is no there to get to.

No pinnacle of enlightenment success.

No final experience of being present.


Presence is in the practice.

The whole point is to practice being present.

I know it’s always said that the journey is what matters, but really it’s so damn true.

In the journeying from a state of distraction, overwhelm, absence from the moment, this is where we discover our own path and our own awareness.

We discover clarity in the contrast.

This journey is so worth it.

And learning to savor the practice, the ever shifting expansion, the lifelong experience of growing and evolving…this is where the magic happens.

Slowing down enough to see that we are here.

We are alive now.


In this moment, I am.

Breathing. Being. Here. Now.

This presence makes life sweeter, richer and more abundant than I could have dreamed.

Presence reminds me that I am.

Happy. Whole. Complete.




Sending love…from my heart to yours.



p.s. Join me tomorrow in honor of May Day to celebrate and learn 3 simple practices to feel more present in your life


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