Celebrate Life


Even during the most challenging of times, there is always room for joy, for appreciation, and for celebration.

So far 2016 has been filled with massive change and growth for me…maybe for you, too?

I’m realizing it’s uber important for us to slow down enough to recognize and honor how far we’ve come. 

And to celebrate…even the little things matter.

So I invite you on this Sacred Sunday to join me in celebrating.

Whatever comes from your heart is perfect.

Here are a few things I’m celebrating today:

1. A long held vision to co~create a children’s book with my first daughter has come to fruition and we enjoyed a fabulous launch party last weekend!

2. I’ve searched for, magically discovered, moved into, and completely organized a new home a block from the ocean that feels like an elegant getaway in the tree tops.

3. Here in Long Beach, we are celebrating Pride and the inspiring collaboration of oh so many souls to inspire change in our culture to honor and respect ALL people no matter what their gender or sexuality.

4. I can walk to yoga on the bluffs with one of my all time favorite friends and yoga teachers, Dharma Shakti.

5. My body and mind are healthy and vibrant.

6. My community of family and friends is pretty damn incredible.

7. I’m processing and releasing and changing so much in my life…and through it all, my daily self loving practices have supported me to stay centered and feel peace in my heart.

8. My work feels like play and is incredibly meaningful.

9. I’m alive!

And since you are, too, that’s at least one beautiful reason to celebrate.

Remember to take time and honor all the wonder~full ways you’ve grown and all the brilliant ways you are shining your light in this life.

You matter.

We all do.

And the more we celebrate ourselves and one another, the more love we create in this world.

Wishing you a heart that feels full of love, now and always.


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About Denise Dare

At the heart of Denise’s vision is co~creating a world where work feels like play, hugs are medicine, and love comes first.

Denise is a home educating Cali mama, writer, mystic, and thought leader, happily featured by Positively Positive, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal and other rad places on the interwebs.

When she’s not teaching the art of self love, bold self expression and vibrant alignment, you can find Denise dancing with her daughters in the kitchen, practicing yoga on and off the mat, and walking barefoot on the beach.

Her signature From the Heart sessions inspire visionaries to release the fear and doubt that make life feel hard, so they can reconnect with their inner guidance and experience life with ease with grace.

Discover how to live, love and lead from the heart HERE.

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