Trust the how…

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

~Roald Dahl


We all have dreams, goals, desires, and visions for how we’d love our lives to be.

This forward thinking possibility is one of the gifts of being human.

And, can sometimes be one of the greatest challenges.

If we get stuck in a mindset of seeing what we want as impossible, impractical or just too hard, then we limit ourselves and transform those dreams into destructive thoughts that eventually deteriorate our heart and life force energy.

The secret to transforming those dreams into our real life experience is to trust the how.

This doesn’t mean forgetting our dreams or minimizing them in order to make them more attainable.

This doesn’t mean doubting ourselves or our ability to do or have or be what we want.

This doesn’t mean giving up altogether and settling for less.

Trusting the how means trusting ourselves. Trusting the process. Trusting the unfolding. Trusting that we are enough, no matter what.

When we trust the how, we keep our dreams clear in our minds and hold space for magical ways that these dreams will become our reality.

When we trust the how, we prioritize enjoying the process rather than focusing only on the outcome.

When we trust the how, we see the good in the challenge, and believe completely that everything is always working out for us.

When we trust the how, we focus wholeheartedly on cultivating the feeling we desire to feel when our goal is achieved…right here and now.

When we trust the how, we take meaningful, inspired action that feels aligned and keeps us in receptive mode to allow good things to come our way.

When we trust the how, we make feeling good the priority, knowing that the most important experience is happening in this very moment.

When we trust the how, we honor the unfolding, however it turns out, knowing that we are ever supported, safe, and sacred.

Learning to trust the how has been a massive and life changing practice for me. Especially with perfectionist tendencies and an overwhelming need to control everything around me, leaning in to trust has given me the gift of presence and surrender. 

As I’ve grown more trusting, I’ve seen the magic manifest in my life experience again and again.

A recent magical experience that happened for me came from trusting the how. 

What at first seemed like something I needed to do, soon became something totally aligned that lit the way to doing incredibly meaningful, joyful work that feels like play AND fulfilled my income goal I’d been hoping to manifest.

When I set my income goal for 2015, I knew how much money I wanted to bring in for our family. I had no idea how that was going to happen. I chose to trust the how.

And magic happened. From a path that I never would have guessed. In a way that I never could have orchestrated had I tried to figure it out on my own.

There is magic in trust.

Trust the how and flow with the current of life force energy, allowing yourself to be uplifted, supported, and guided.

Trust the how and choose ease and grace, even in the challenge.

Trust the how and practice presence, awareness, and faith.

Trust the how and believe in the good things comin’.

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