Solstice Reflections

Happy Winter Solstice!

So grateful to honor the end of autumn yesterday with an afternoon walk with my girls, hand in hand to the farmers market together, crunching through the gorgeous red, orange and yellow maple leaves fallen to the earth.

Then, I joined fellow mystics to explore astral adventures and jump together into a winter wonderland.

Later, we closed the night with cozy cuddles in front of our beautiful illuminated tree, giving thanks and expressing our love.

Today the world is cleansed with rain where we are and a new season invites us to savor stillness, faith and trust as we dance our way through the cosmos back to the light.

How are you feeling today?

Have you checked in with yourself lately?

I know this season can be full of so much activity, planning, gathering, preparing and connecting with people we love that sometimes we can forget to check in with ourselves.

At this time of year, and every day really, I encourage you to tune into your own heart as you start your day, as you plan your schedule, as you design your life, as you envision your dreams, as you reflect on your day each night before you sleep.

When we make heart~centered living a priority, it means we are reclaiming our power to love ourselves right here and now. We are choosing peace in our own hearts as the first step to cultivating peace in our lives. We are releasing the expectation that someone or something else will make us happy and remembering that happiness is an inside job. We embrace our responsibility to choose our own thoughts, words and deeds in alignment with how we want to feel and how we want to experience life.

As we prepare to close this year and welcome a new year, I invite you to invest in reflecting on what really lights you up.

What experiences do you want to make space for in the coming year?

What feelings do you want to experience on a daily basis moving forward?

What lessons have you learned this year that affirm for you how you want to show up in the world?

I think the three most meaningful lessons I’ve learned this year are…

1. Make peace

Coming to peace in my own heart before addressing any discord with others in my life has been a game changer. Read more about the powerful practice of peacemaking from one of my favorite mentors and friends, Lindsay Pera.

2. Play

My daughters have been teaching me the power of play for years and I continue to learn and re~learn how much more wonderful life can be when we allow ourselves to stay connected to the joyful child within, when we make space for play in our lives each and every day.

My intention has been to create a life where my work feels like play. And when we infuse appreciation into our everyday tasks and responsibilities, life becomes play. When we bring sacred awareness and presence to the mundane, we transform burdens into blessings.

Play may look different to each of us, but no matter what, play cultivates a feeling of presence, awareness, ease and joy…be sure to schedule time for play in your new year!

3. Believe

I’ve been practicing surrender and trust for a few years now and focusing on these feelings has allowed me to flow with life with much more ease and grace. This year I’ve realized that even deeper than surrender and trust is the willingness to believe, to see the good, to have faith in Life and Love, to believe in the good things comin’. Let yourself make wishes, trust the good, and believe in miracles. Because why not? It’s way more fun to believe in life, in love, and in yourself.

Gift yourself some time to reflect as we honor this darkest time of year, this time of faith and hope and trust that the light and life of spring will return and gift us with the abundance we too often take for granted.

Start by bringing yourself back to center in your life. Honor your intuition guiding you. Listen to your heart and let love lead you to create a life aligned with your own desires and dreams.

Remember how rich you are just being alive, just breathing, moving your body, feeling the tenderness of a hug, gazing at the beauty of the sky, waking to greet another new day, reveling in the gift of BEing you.

You are love.

Here’s to ever more wonder, play and Love each day!

May your Solstice be filled with presence, tenderness and beautiful reflections of love all around you.



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