Take Time with the Transitions

If you’ve ever taken care of children, you know how challenging the transitions can be…

Transitioning from play time to meal time.

Transitioning from meal time to bath time.

Transitioning from bath time to bedtime.

Even when you are in tune with their wants and needs, it can still sometimes feel overwhelming for little ones to shift from one thing to the next.

As adults, we can sometimes face these transitions with a little more grace since we know there’s a reason for them…it’s “time” to get somewhere or there is some task that needs to be handled.

And yet, when we rush the transitions, we often end up feeling disconnected, overwhelmed and in the midst of chaos rather than peace.

I believe that children innately know something really meaningful about transitions…

We must take our time with them.

Taking time with the transitions means giving ourselves space and grace. To choose peace in the midst of uncertainty or doubt or fear or overwhelm.

This takes practice and patience and a grand perspective to integrate our spiritual understanding and transform knowing into doing.

Noticing how we show up in the chaos is a wonderful way to reflect on areas where we still have lots of room for growth.

For me, I tend to get really short~tempered and impatient when I feel like there’s too much to do. I let myself get rushed and stressed and disconnected from what I’m doing…and all the joy of the experience slips away.

This contrast brings awareness and clarity for me.

Instead of being hard on myself, feeling horrible about my imperfections and less than graceful behavior {aren’t we all our own worst critics?!?}, I have been practicing forgiveness, tapping through my upsetness, and holding space for more grace even in the chaos.

Showing up with grace, kindness, respect, patience, tenderness and love {above all, love!}, is my deepest intention. It takes practice and commitment and willingness. And it’s not always perfect…failing is part of learning!

I remember an aha moment I had a few years back, when my second daughter was a wee little toddler, very aware of her own wants and needs, and constantly giving me new opportunities to practice patience and kindness.

As I was gently asking her to help with cleaning up her toys, so we could get ready to meet up with friends at the park, I realized how much more smoothly this transition was with a little extra kindness and calm from me.

Instead of a meltdown, tears, raised voices and a tremendous amount of time and energy expelled in frustration, we were able to playfully work together to tidy and ready ourselves to leave the house….it’s this kind of connection and ease that is the result of cultivating and integrating a peaceful state of mind in our daily lives.

I made it a point to take time with transitions after this awakening. Realizing how much happier all of us were when I released the rush and supported with more gentle encouragement through the transitions.

Flash forward to today.

Giving myself the gift of a few quiet moments to read, reflect and drink some yummy chai tea on my dreamy balcony, I was gifted another aha moment. This clear awareness that my practice of taking time with the transitions for my girls is something that is incredibly powerful for all of us!

As I was reading Divine Intuition by Lynn Robinson, her words affirmed so completely that realization I had years ago.

“Learn to be patient with yourself. Find ways to enjoy your life despite the lull {or fullness!} and continue to focus on what you want. There is almost always a space between your dreams and reality. But if you can imagine that reality, you can make it so.”

Yes yes yes.

It’s like one of my fave friends, Dharma Shakti, reminds us during yoga practice…when one doors closes, another one opens, but finding peace in the hallway is the real work.

So I offer these words to you as a gentle reminder to take time with your transitions. If the transitions are literal shifts in your day from one activity to the next, claiming a few moments for a deep breath or giving thanks will ensure a much smoother flow to your day.

If the transitions are grander shifts in your life, like changing jobs or homes or relationships or healing your body, you can still gift yourself that gentle loving kindness that will make the change way more easeful and enjoyable.

Remember to see the opportunities in the challenge. Trust that everything is for the highest good. 

I keep this reminder posted on my refrigerator door to help focus my mind on seeing the good and to help myself keep my heart open, vulnerable, brave and trusting.

Whatever shifts are happening in our natural world, in our global community, in your day, in your body, in your life, whatever shifts you’re calling in…be gentle, be kind, and welcome the transitions with sacred inquiry about how you can learn and grow through these experiences to create a life that feels absolutely dreamy to you.

Love & Peace,


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  1. February 8, 2017 at 1:14 am

    Such a beautiful reminder Denise and just what I needed to read today. Thank you!

    • February 8, 2017 at 9:32 am

      Yay! So grateful for your reflections, Kelly. Much love, beautiful! xoxo

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