Reasons to Celebrate

Bird song in the early hours of the day

Leaves rustling as the gentle winds invite them to dance

Skies blooming blue as the sun warms the earth

Peace of mind and ease of heart from giving thanks at the start of each new day

Freedom to cultivate stillness

Time for sky gazing and being in nature

The feeling of the pen easing across the pages

The beauty of creativity and the courage to share

Deep breaths filling our lungs, inspiring us with each gentle one

Feeling aligned and in the flow

Fresh water to nourish the body 

The warm embrace of the ones we love

Arms wrapped around us in kindness, support, encouragement, congratulations, celebration…the perfection of a hug

The comforting taste of food made with love from someone who knows just what you like

The beaming enthusiasm and delight when giving and receiving gifts

Peaceful playful family gatherings

The sound of friends laughing and chatting together

The most gentle movement of breath flowing in the depth of night as you’re curled up next to someone who means the world to you

The coziness of snuggles under the covers

The feeling of holding hands, walking through life together

Feeling so supported, deeply held and seen and understood and loved no matter what

The gift of each day, awakening to a new dawn, a fresh opportunity for magic and wonder

Sensation, the grace of body language and experiencing this human life

Music and all the ways it moves us

Words and the perfect way they can speak directly to the soul when expressed from the heart

Silence and the deep connection we can feel when we share this with someone who understands

That connection to ourselves that comes from looking within, building awareness and loving who we are, where we are, right here and now…all the while honoring our growth and learning, becoming who we will be in each new moment

Sacred alignment with the energy that flows through all of us, connects us, inspires us

The luxury of seeing the sunset dipping behind the skyline as the waves lap against the shore

Honoring our rhythms and receiving the gift of sleep

Releasing judgment of ourselves and others


Witnessing the seasons, the cycles of life, the sweet joys of being

Gazing in wonder at the miracles of living

Savoring this divine moment to be present with what is

Giving thanks for the the gift of being 

Glowing with the radiance of life, of love, of light 



I love yous


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