Ideas to process grief {and to feel better any time!}

Things that have buoyed me in processing grief:

Make things do able…I know I want this project accomplished {baby album for example} and I have time and space to do that, but feel inertia. Give myself a small goal…3 or 4 pages today.

Pamper myself…massage & cupping were so expansive, opening, energizing and brought me back into alignment.

Slow down…give self permission to do nothing. Out of doing and into being.

Soak in a hot epsom salt candlelit bath for as long as you like.

Sit on the couch and gaze at the sky.

Be in my sit spot {on my balcony} more…tea every day. Sky gazing. Sensing, observing, receiving, appreciating.

Start the day {an every day practice that especially helps in sadness or challenge} with gratitude…giving thanks for at least ten things {ten finger count}.

EFT {tapping} sadness, grief, overwhelm, inertia, laziness, not doing anything, being still, feeling guilty, not achieving…notice the feelings and honor the process. Let yourself grow through this.

Sharing with friends…letting people in to communicate as feels good to you.

Quiet alone time.

Savor and sip rose tea.

Organizing, clearing, sorting, cleaning.

Dreaming and visioning {vision boards with friends}

Dancing and hooping {even just a few minutes…only as inspired}.

Bike ride {save a simple local task to add a bit of motivation if you’re feeling glued to being at home}.

Remember and think and talk about your love.

Create or engage with a crystal grid.

Diffuse essential oils constantly {balance, cedar, palo santo, frankincense, Ylang ylang}



Watch uplifting shows that help you feel even more what it means to be human {This is Us was perfect for me after my dad died}.

Cry. Be okay with crying.

Release expectations of how you’re supposed to be or should be…honor yourself right where you are.

Do only what is essential.




Listen to music.



Breathe deeply.

Lean on your daily self love practices.

Receive support from your loves.

Connect with yourself, your life force energy.

Think kind thoughts.



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    • May 17, 2017 at 10:27 am

      Yes to music! Such a powerful healing and centering gift to listen to beautiful music.

      Thank you so much for your reflections!

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