Choose your words. (You get to.)

The other day I was in the midst of handling a variety of tasks when my lil’ girl came to me and asked me to sit down and read with her. We cuddle up and read together every night before bed and often we start our mornings quietly snuggled under the covers reading together as well. But stopping during the… Read more →

Permission to do less…and BE more.

Am I the only one who feels challenged to be the person I want to be 100% of the time? Sometimes I feel alone in my imperfection. Of course I can’t compare with the images and versions of other people’s lives I see on social media, but still I wonder why it often feels so damn hard to be my… Read more →

Plan to Have Fun {No Matter What}

The other day I was chatting with my mama. Not heavily complaining to her, but definitely seeking her counsel and comfort. She’s always been my rock. I wrote to her once that she’s the foundation of love in my life and this is still 100% true. As she offered her wise reflections to my challenges, she reminded me of something… Read more →

Ideas to process grief {and to feel better any time!}

Things that have buoyed me in processing grief: Make things do able…I know I want this project accomplished {baby album for example} and I have time and space to do that, but feel inertia. Give myself a small goal…3 or 4 pages today. Pamper myself…massage & cupping were so expansive, opening, energizing and brought me back into alignment. Slow down…give… Read more →

Giving thanks for Life

There is an unfathomable timelessness in the ICU. Time slips away without even knowing it’s gone. Like life and the people we love I suppose sometimes, too. Sitting there in the room with beeps unending, with machines attached to this person, this physical being who once stood and walked and moved with ease and grace and such strength. Now unmoving,… Read more →

A Walk is Magic

A walk makes everything better. Really though. Don’t you agree? Have you ever noticed how the simple act of stepping away from whatever is bothering you…the anger, the frustration, the overwhelm, the sadness, the argument, the exhaustion…making the conscious choice to gift yourself a walk will magically change your experience for the better. Sure there are lots of reasons why… Read more →

Take Time with the Transitions

If you’ve ever taken care of children, you know how challenging the transitions can be… Transitioning from play time to meal time. Transitioning from meal time to bath time. Transitioning from bath time to bedtime. Even when you are in tune with their wants and needs, it can still sometimes feel overwhelming for little ones to shift from one thing… Read more →

Solstice Reflections

Happy Winter Solstice! So grateful to honor the end of autumn yesterday with an afternoon walk with my girls, hand in hand to the farmers market together, crunching through the gorgeous red, orange and yellow maple leaves fallen to the earth. Then, I joined fellow mystics to explore astral adventures and jump together into a winter wonderland. Later, we closed the… Read more →