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Choose your words. (You get to.)

The other day I was in the midst of handling a variety of tasks when my lil’ girl came to me and asked me to sit down and read with her. We cuddle up and read together every night before bed and often we start our mornings quietly snuggled under the covers reading together as well. But stopping during the… Read more →

Ideas to process grief {and to feel better any time!}

Things that have buoyed me in processing grief: Make things do able…I know I want this project accomplished {baby album for example} and I have time and space to do that, but feel inertia. Give myself a small goal…3 or 4 pages today. Pamper myself…massage & cupping were so expansive, opening, energizing and brought me back into alignment. Slow down…give… Read more →

Three simple steps to start your day feeling better than ever…

How we begin each day creates a foundation for how we live our lives. Creating a strong foundation is essential to building something that will last the challenges of time. No matter who we are, we are going to face struggle and challenge in our lives. The beauty is that we get to decide how we will respond to these… Read more →

Start Your Self Care Routine Now

  Self lovin’ care doesn’t have to be complicated. Yes, there are plenty of women who commit an hour or more each day to self care. And this may  sound dreamy, but for most of us, in the day to day experience and fullness of life this may not always be our reality. Maybe some days mean an hour or… Read more →

Trust the Pause

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” ~Anonymous The feminine energy of receiving, allowing and letting things come to us can feel powerful if we let ourselves trust the journey.  Letting ourselves be like caterpillars, trusting the process, honoring the pause {and turning to complete mush!} is the only way to come out the other… Read more →

What is wellness?

My entire early life I dealt with chronic illness. At three months old, I was hospitalized for a severe kidney infection. I remember my mama telling me how they had to put a needle in my forehead because the veins in my arms were too small.   This image never really meant that much to me until I had my… Read more →

Affirmation for Awakening

“The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.“ ~Confucius   This is a recent affirmation for awakening that I created. May this serve as a tool for staying focused, feeling connected, and living happy… And as inspiration to create your own affirmation.   Let me follow my desire. Let me… Read more →