Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

~Helen Keller


I am honored and full of appreciation for the privilege of sharing my journey with these visionary women.

And for such kind words of love and gratitude in these testimonials…


{A Wealth of Knowledge ~ Positive ~ Resourceful}

“Denise Dare is one of the most authentic, genuine and heartfelt persons I have come across in my life journey.

I have watched her grow as a student of mine in yoga class, and a massage client on my table, into an amazing, inspiring and empowering individual.

She is someone whom I have often turned to for counsel and advice in my personal life and growth.

Isn’t that what every teacher desires, for the student to grow tremendously and surpass the teacher? Well, Denise has very much accomplished this feat in my eyes.

She is a wealth of knowledge, and extremely positive and resourceful in the face of difficulty and challenge.

She is honest and impeccable with her word.

And as a mother myself, I truly admire and respect her role as a strong, intelligent and open minded mother and exceptional role model for her beautiful children. And they are shining examples of her efforts to raise conscious, aware, respectful and creative beings!

Anyone who is blessed and inspired to work with Denise will benefit greatly, beyond measure.

It brings me great joy to know that Denise is walking the path of a light worker and facilitator of healing growth, she has been by far, a tremendous gift in my life!”

~ Dharma Shakti :: Founder of Yogalution Movement ::



{Motivated to Move Towards My Dreams}

Daria Volkova Testimonial Pic“When I decided to talk to Denise I was depressed and even the simple practice we tried during our first conversation made me cry. Denise gave me the support I needed so much and an advice on how to deal with my depression and get the shift in my life I was longing for. Denise addressed my requests and all the pieces of her precious advice worked well for me. 

There is so much information on personal development that it is easy to get lost and make no step forward. Denise guides you in the right direction offering practices that are simple and can be done at once. And the most important is that Denise suggests right what you need at this particular moment.

Denise can listen and her intuition allows her to understand your deepest concerns, sometimes even when you haven’t noticed them yet! Thus, Denise addresses your particular needs. Denise is always inspired, happy, open-hearted and ready to assist and support.

Denise became for me the right person whom I met at the right time and who motivated me to move towards my dreams! 

Thank you, Denise, for your kindness and personal attitude! What you do is invaluable!”

~Daria Volkova :: Lawyer & Artist 


 {Face Your Fears & Challenges with Love}

Amanda Marie-K. Stanley“From the first conversation I had with Denise, she immediately inspired, empowered and supported me.

Denise lifts you up with encouragement and thoughtful insight and pushes you out of your comfort zone to meet your goals, ask hard questions, face your fears and move through challenges with love.

I left every meeting I had with Denise feeling more confident, excited and hopeful in moving forward with my dreams and continuing to follow my bliss and my path.

I am beyond grateful for Denise, her beautiful spirit and her open, generous and compassionate heart.

I promise that you won’t regret a single moment spent with her.

What Denise offers is priceless.”

~Amanda Marie~K. Stanley :: Wellness Expert ::



 {Feel the Weight of Life Shift & Grow Lighter}

lifestyle portrait photography“One of the most important, lasting things I’ve gotten from my connection with Denise is affirmation that the joyful path is one worth taking. 

Denise leads by example—she’s no armchair coach, telling others what to do from a safe, comfortable distance.

Denise is down in the trenches with the rest of us, struggling (though with grace) to make meaningful changes in the world, and crafting her own definitions of fulfillment, success, and happiness.

And she’s up in the air with us, too, celebrating the moments of fulfillment, success, and happiness that we both create and find.

Denise has a special quality of honed-in awareness that helps her see to the heart of the matter, but her abilities don’t stop there.

She is a focused problem solver, her mind as logically and cleanly organized as her kitchen pantry.

And she doesn’t leave a job half-finished.

Denise does what she sets out to do, with patience and love.

I’d recommend Denise to anyone who wants to feel the weight of their life shift and grow lighter.

Anyone who wants to see their problems from a fresh angle, a loving eye.

Anyone who knows that joy is centered in their hearts, but may be having a hard time finding it.”

~Elana K. Arnold ::  Writer & Professor ::



 {Prioritize Being Spiritually Caring with Myself}

Sophie“You can tell when someone is authentically living what they preach~

Denise is one of those people.

She is easy to talk to, sweet, warm, genuine, and knowledgeable about spiritual and energy healing.

Working with Denise helped me prioritize being more spiritually caring with myself.

I’m very hard on myself and consequently, I get less done.

When I treat myself more gently, I actually let go of inhibitions and get more work done.

The tools Denise has given me help relieve stress and give me more energy. 

I know these small changes will reap big changes in my overall mental wellbeing.

As a life coach myself, I help others out all the time receive clarity.

It felt awesome to be on the other side of the desk and get this same treatment from a professional. 

I would recommend Denise’s services for people seeking more spiritual energy and happiness…she knows what she’s talking about.”

 ~ Sophie Chantal Boselly ::  Business. Body. Bliss. Life Coach ::



{Opened to the Possibilities}

“In just one session with Denise, she gave me the tools I needed to kickstart my happiness.

She asks the (sometimes hard!) questions about where you are and where you want to be, and provides specific recommendations about what you need to do to get to there.

Her suggestions started working right away!

Denise identified the chakras where my problems reside and gave me yoga poses and meditations to work them through.

We also did a couple of exercises (mental as well as movement) in the session that really opened my eyes to the possibilities that await me!

Denise also provided materials with more valuable tools and information.

It’s been a positive change in my life!”

~Linda Tam



{My Most Challenging Relationship has Blossomed!}

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time and energy you gave to me.

Just those few sessions helped me to change the way I think and feel at work. 

I switched my negative thoughts to loving and open hearted, and my most challenging relationship has blossomed!  

My Coaching is picking up too!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have a gift my friend!”

~Jalene Ellis Weigand


 {Intuitive ~ Wise ~ Kind}

“Denise is a very intuitive teacher who listens, observes and tunes in to her students.

She is caring, understanding and has an innate ability to really hone in on what is needed by each individual, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.  

She responds to people’s energies and brings patience, wisdom and knowledge to everything that she does!

In addition her kindness and caring shines through!”

~Karen Calechman


 {Light ~ Patient ~ Compassionate}

“You were a ray of sunlight in my life.

May you always be that ray of light for all.

You are helpful, kind, patient and compassionate.

I know you’ll surely make a lasting impact upon everyone who enters your life.”

~Maureen B.


 {Inspiration ~ Motivator}

“I want to thank you for being such an inspiration….and such a motivator.”

~Karen S.




“Thank you again for all you have done.

You made a difference.

Keep up the good work.

Our world needs you.”

~Jennell C.



“I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated.

Thank you for your hard work and concern.

Don’t ever give up because you are making a difference.”

~Stacy M.



{Giving Thanks}

And let me give thanks to the amazing souls who’ve inspired me to create this dreamy virtual home to share my love + inspiration.

To my mama, for nurturing my babes while I write, mentor and create. You are the best mama I could imagine. And I’m totally truly completely blessed. {A million thanks will never be enough to say how much I love and appreciate you, mama.}

To my daughters, for being my reason for sharing inspiration, love and shining my light in this world. {There are no words to say how full my heart is, how grateful I am to be your mama. Thank you for being.}

To my sisters of the earth, for the circles and love and support and laughter we share. {You make the journey so much more fun and free! You are sacred gifts in my life.}

And to my ever inspiring community of friends, family, yogis, biz colleagues, mentors, coaches, guides…you are beauty in this world. I humbly bow and honor you. Namaste.

Thank you for being on this epic journey with me! I love you so!

Love & Peace,

 ♥ Denise