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This is for you. Feel YOUR sexiest.

This is your invitation. To feel more vibrant + playful + sexy. To open the flow of creativity + sensuality that may have been blocked by stress or dis~ease or overwhelm or changes in your life. I first dreamed of creating this gift for you over a year ago. I had heard too many conversations about how women were just… Read more →

Makin’ Work More Fun

“Do anything, but let it produce joy.” ~Walt Whitman Transforming the mundane into ritual: Creating joy in the everyday essentials of life One of my favorite affirmations is Feel Inspired, Not Required.  I remind myself of this as often as possible, especially when I am faced with doing something that may not feel like a hell yes. For most choices… Read more →

Do you ever regret a hot bath?

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” ~Lucille Ball Have you ever regretted a bath once you stepped your steaming, relaxed toes onto the bathroom floor afterwards?  Have you ever regretted sharing laughs with your dearest friend over a glass of delicious champagne on a… Read more →

The Scariest Day of My Life…and Why You’ve Got to Let Go of Your Worries

Let Your JOY Outshine Your Fear Remember the Tom Petty song that declares: “Most things I worry about never happen anyway”? These were the words that kept repeating in my mind when I learned that my baby, a lil’ three year old sunshine girl, had three cavities in the deep grooves of her molars. Never did I imagine I’d be… Read more →

Fresh Practices for More Fun This Fall

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” ~Aeschylus Hey There Gorgeous! Are you ready for the best fall ever?  Here are a few practices to help you clear some space for more joy and fun this fall…hope this inspires you to do something fresh and good for you! Choose How You Want to Feel Let your feelings be… Read more →

Live Like a Child

Delight in the joy of living. Revel in the beauty and wonder that surround you. Laugh wholeheartedly each day. Focus on play. Make fun your priority. The natural state of our human experience is joy and ease. We are made to feel good. Just look at a child playing, or laughing, or singing, or doing anything… Children radiate a lightness,… Read more →