“She believed she could, so she did.”

~R.S. Grey


Would you like to feature me as an inspiring guest writer or speaker? Or maybe you’d like support to craft your own speech or story?

I’m available for interviews, profiles, speeches, expert commentary, workshops, retreats and writing support.

Reach me directly at denise@denisedare.com so we can make a plan and discuss pricing.

I teach the tools that help women reclaim their power to honor their inner knowing, to feel good in the present and create the life they desire and deserve.

It is a gift to inspire women to truly love themselves, so they actually enjoy the journey rather than postpone happiness waiting for everything to be perfect.

I believe that happiness is our choice. And love is the way.

Here are some of my favorite topics:

 love ~ how to really give and receive unconditionally {especially ourselves!}

 happiness {with ourselves, our relationships, and our work}

 peace {on Earth, in our relationships, and how it all begins within us}

♥ spirituality {creating a personal connection with Life force energy}

♥ wellbeing {nourishing food and lifestyle practices for feeling vibrant}

appreciation {how living from a place of gratitude can transform everything}

♥ organizing {clearing the clutter from our lives to create more space for freedom, flow and fun}

 creating a biz you adore {in a way that feels as good as easing into your favorite yoga pose}

♥ daring to live an unconventional life {homeschooling, peacemaking, and courageously loving ourselves}

 caring for our environment {finding fresh ways to live sustainably and graciously on our Mother Earth} 


Here you can find musings, stories, and words from my heart featured in rad places…


Smiles for Miles: Home is Where the Heart Is

Feeling super excited to share my first book with you!

My ever so inspiring daughter, Juliana, and I co~wrote this story about our sweet papa kitty, aka Miles, who turned up on our doorstep in the desert {when Juls was growing in my womb} during the spring of 2005.

We created the back story of his journey through the desert and explored the lessons he may have learned on his way to find a new home with us in this tender, uplifting tale of learning to follow your heart and believe in love and possibility.

Once we wrote our story, we invited a brilliant artist, Eli Trier, to work her magic with pictures, and we joyfully self published our co~creation!

Find out more and buy your copy to read with the ones you love by clicking on the beautiful image of our Miles…

Thank you in advance for your love and support!

{And for sharing your heart~full reviews and spreading the word if you feel inspired!}





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So excited to see what comes next…

 Love & Peace,

 ♥ Denise