Bring it Back to the Essentials

Have you ever had that feeling of hopelessness, of wondering what the hell the point is to it all anyway?

Maybe it’s feeling hopeless any time you look at what is happening in the world.

Maybe it’s feeling helpless to actually make the kind of impact you want to make.

Maybe it’s feeling overwhelmed just trying to maintain the day to day responsibilities.

Maybe it’s feeling completely drained from the heaviness of grief or disconnection.

Maybe it’s feeling powerless because your dreams are not manifesting as quickly or as easily as you had hoped.

Maybe it’s feeling lack of money or time or freedom or joy.

Maybe it’s something unique to you and your experience, but likely it’s a feeling we’ve all had at one time or another.

At times like these, it can feel like we want to say F it to everything. Like why should I even bother anyway?

At times like these, we can feel tempted to walk away, quit and never look back.

And sometimes that can be exactly the right thing to do. Sometimes quitting is the path of opening a door to what’s next.

Other times, if quitting is not quite it, then slowing down can be a really good idea.

At times like these, slowing down gives us grace to remember what matters most to us.

Slowing down gives us space to discern what we want to experience more of {and less of!} in our lives.

Slowing down gives us permission to honor exactly who we are right here, right now. Perfectly imperfect just as we are.

Slowing down gives us an opportunity to clarify what actually is essential to us.

And I gotta tell you {from my experience}, it usually is not Facebook or Instagram or what’s hot on Hulu.

When we slow down, we get present. We remember what {and more importantly, who} matters to us.

Bringing it back to the essentials helps us clear space for more of what we want ~ connection, feeling love, living on purpose.

So the next time you feel that hopelessness, instead of turning to the screen to find answers out there, give yourself permission to slow down and check in with yourself.

Come back to your own center, to look within at how you’re feeling, what you’re craving and what really truly matters most to you.

Then, honor yourself by consciously choosing to do more of what matters most to you in your life.

Get into nature. Hold hands with someone you love. Watch a sunset {without feeling that pull to keep up or check in on your phone}. Soak in a hot bath. Drink tea while listening to the birds. Take a nap. Play. Dance. Breathe. Slow down and get comfortable with yourself in the moment, whatever it may look like or feel like.

Bring it back to the essentials and watch how the magic of presence shifts hopelessness into appreciation and possibility…


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