“I want to thank you for so many gifts you gave with love and tenderness. I want to thank you.”

~Natalie Merchant

Hello Love,

Thank YOU for being here.

I’ve said that gratitude is the foundation of happiness. And let me tell you, I am oh so grateful.

The truth is that we are all connected. We need each other. And this is a good thing…supporting one another is part of our survival as beings on this great Earth.

I know how important it is to share {as my babe reminds me, “Sharing is caring!”}, which is why I made the commitment when I started my own biz that I would give back 10% of my income to non-profit organizations making a positive difference in our world.

Since my vision is to cocreate a happier, more peaceful, more loving world one person at a time, you can know that your work with me is for you and for the good of all…when we work together, 10% of your investment will be donated to Kiva to support their life changing programs.

Your investment in yourself is also an investment to support women around the world who are ready to create powerful, meaningful change for themselves and their communities.

As my dear friend and mentor, Lindsay Pera, always affirms: “What we do for one, we do for all.”

Giving creates a ripple effect.

Here’s to all the ripples of happiness and love we’ll create!

Love & Peace,





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