What I’ll Miss Most About Mothering Little Babes

The soul is healed by being with children.”

~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

As I write these words, tears are welling up in my eyes.

Not only from sadness, but more from a deep appreciation for this amazing role I am blessed to play.

I’m the mommy to two vibrant + brilliant little girls who have completely transformed my life.

Yesterday we celebrated our baby girl’s 4th birthday. Our first daughter is now 8.5 {they are exactly 4.5 years apart…pretty sweet.}


Sometimes I can’t even believe that I’m already at this point in my journey. 

I mean really, how did I get to be mommy to a little love who’s almost as tall as my shoulders? And to another who’s now a little girl and no longer a little baby?

Where have all those nearly 3000 days gone since I held my first baby in my arms and breathed such deep appreciation into my lungs for this sacred experience?

I feel this intense nostalgia and longing when I start thinking about all that has passed and all the memories we’ve already created. 

And then I remember how sweet it is to have experienced all these magical moments with the two angels I am blessed to call my daughters.

I honor my heartfelt nostalgia + then I choose to focus on the excitement of all the fabulous times that we’ll share as we move forward together.

This is the duality of life, right?

The longing and the appreciating.

The sadness and the joy.

The wanting to get through it and the wanting for it to never end.

No matter what, I’m so grateful for every moment of being mommy.

What a beautifully challenging radically inspiring journey this is…

So, in honor of my lil loves’ 4th and 8.5 birthdays, here’s a list about what I’ll always remember looking back with joy on this time in our lives.


What I’ll miss most about mothering little children…


~”Hold you?”

~Angelic little toddler voice

~Feeling so essential

~The gentleness of midnight awakenings 


~A cozy family bed

~Toddler speak: “Do you wanna play?”

~Tiny fingers wrapped around my one

~Holding hands everywhere

~Carrying her in my arms

~Helping cut food

~Helping brush teeth

~Answering a million questions

~Listening to everything repeated…a million times 😉

~Reading picture books again and again…and again!

~Play wrestling

~Impromptu I love yous

~Sheer delight

~Pure enthusiasm

~The toddler era of running everywhere

~Pure possibility

~Oh, the cuteness


~Dressing up

~Playing make believe all the time

~Moving one step at a time up the stairs

~Little toothbrushes

~Tiny socks

~Baby size hangers

~Using the seat in the shopping cart

~Trimming nails with micro-clippers

~Washing her

~Playing with bath toys

~Singing nursery rhymes

~Tickling back + rubbing legs at bedtime

~Revealing life’s truths

~Playing for hours at the park

~Bedtime snuggles

~Being the one who soothes + supports + nurtures her

~Watching with wonder as they play + discover

~Joyfully being a family with our girls + their daddy

~Sharing each + every day together


My heart is overflowing with joy + appreciation + LOVE.

Hoping you feel it, too.

No matter what + no matter where you are, let yourself truly enJOY the journey + appreciate the moment. 

This too shall pass.

Quicker than the blink of an eye.

Life is now.

So, live happy.

To living in the flow,


  2 comments for “What I’ll Miss Most About Mothering Little Babes

  1. June 4, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    I love this Denise, so beautifully said. I totally relate and am going through the exact same thing. It is all about the duality of life. The joy and the pain. My heart is breaking from the love I feel. Love you sister.

    • June 4, 2014 at 3:40 pm

      Thank you so much, beautiful mama!

      It’s a bittersweet heartbreaking time, that’s for sure.

      So appreciating sharing it…knowing we’re in it together feels even better.

      Love you, soul sister! xo

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